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How infrared light effects plant growth | NZ

The latest research into how plants are impact by light shows that the usable spectrum goes further than originally thought. Although infrared light isn’t within the ‘visible’ light spectrum, it’s been found to be particularly helpful for photosynthesis. In fact, it actually stimulates growth and enhances flowering. The infrared spectrum is between 700-850nm, with plants responding to up to 780nm. Far-red lighting can create a shade avoidance response, which is what leads plants to stretch and

How to use grow lights for indoor plants | NZ

How to use grow lights for indoor plants? When growing inside, you can manage the temperature of your grow space much better, as well as the humidity. We don’t all live in the right climate to be growing succulents or cacti. But by growing indoors, we can create the perfect environment for these types of plants. Using LED grow lights allows you to provide your plants with all the light they need. And in this post, we’re going to talk about how to use grow lights for indoor plants. • How long s

Light spectrum and the effect on plant growth | NZ

We spend a lot of time talking about grow lights and the light spectrum. But very little time try to explain what the light spectrum actually is. Today’s post is going to do just that. By the end, you’ll know way more about what the light spectrum is, and which parts of the spectrum are important for your plants. In science at school, you’ll no doubt have learnt about the electromagnetic spectrum. Well, the light spectrum is part of

Which is the better grow light, HPS vs LED | NZ

Which is the better grow light solution, HPS vs LED? HPS grow lights are one of the original grow lights, and have been used throughout the industry for decades. LEDs on the other hand, are already becoming a favorite across the world. Depending on the types of plants you’re growing, and the size of your operation, there may be one light type that’s better than the other. Which is why in this article, we’re going to compare the two lights to help you understand which may be best for you. To

What’s the running cost of LED Grow light | NZ

When growing plants indoors, even if it’s just a small space, there are plenty of running costs to consider. Between lights, filters and fans, monthly power bills can quickly rise as soon as you start your growing journey. The major consumer of energy is going to be your grow lights, so use our LED grow light cost calculator below to give yourself the heads up about how much your monthly bills might be. How much power do LED grow lights use? The good news is that LED lights are incredibly eff

How are LED grow lights made? | NZ

LED lighting is a much quicker acronym for ‘light produced through electro-luminescence'. Inside, there are two materials – N-type and P-type - which are filled with negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes which attract. When the negative electrons go to slot into the P-type gaps, they have to release energy to fit. And it’s this release of energy that creates the light. The intensity of the energy released will determine how bright the LED is. When talking about different col

What is photoperiodism in plants | NZ

What is photoperiodism in plants? While some plants flower in the Winter, others can produce fruit in the summer. But how does the plant know when it’s the right time? Plants have naturally light-sensitive receptors called phytochromes. And these cells can detect light, as well as light duration. The duration of light and darkness a plant needs to flower can be called the critical photoperiod and it’s something that growers need to be aware of to get the most out of their crops. Do plants n

What Is Mycorrhizae Fungi

For gardeners, even the word ‘fungi’ screams danger. Nobody wants to think about their hard, growing work being damaged by pesky fungi. Fungi has been linked to all sorts of conditions in plants like rust and botrytis. However, there’s research to suggest that some fungi are actually good for plants like tomatoes. There are millions of fungi species, so it was always inevitable that some would be beneficial to other plants, right? Mycelium in fungi can actually warn trees or plants about pest

How light spectrum affects plant growth | NZ

When we talk about optimizing our grow space for plant growth and development, we’re talking about two different types of change: Plant growth refers to how much plant there actually is in dry weight. Meanwhile, plant development is all about the shape of the plants. Photosynthesis impacts plant growth, but doesn’t have the same effect on plant shape, as the way plants process light is the same in just about every species. In the same vein, colored lighting doesn’t really have an impact on phot

How UV Lights Help With Plant Growth

Plants are living, breathing organisms. Like us humans, they need the perfect conditions to survive, grow and thrive. We all remember learning about photosynthesis at school, right? Well, while plants use water and soil for nutrients, they use light to create energy. The sun produces light for all forms of life on earth, and the varying types of radiation are situated on something called ‘the electromagnetic spectrum’. The spectrum is broken into three categories: Ultraviolet, visible, and inf
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