In 2016, I moved to Derby and was temporarily unemployed. I used Upwork to gain few small contracts while I looked for jobs. Unfortunately, I did a lot of work for a client called Paul Vade, who never ending up paying me. I was pretty new to Upwork, and he had asked to communicate Via Skype instead. I sent him the invoices and never received a reply once all the work had been done. 

Over the past few years, I have continuously looked for pieces of my work on the internet using plagiarism sites. I've been lucky enough to find a few pieces - including 2 large E-Books I wrote for the client. The articles I have managed to find are listed below. 

I wanted to share this work because I wanted to make sure that if any other freelancer finds themselves working for a Paul Vade, they can quickly end their working relationship with him. 

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