Work Experience

Telegraphy & Argus

Knowing the Editor of the Telegraph & Argus has really benefitted my writing career. During my time at University and College studying Journalism, I've been lucky enough to do work experience in the news room. I wrote several small articles while accompanying other Journalists to court cases, interviews, and events It was a real eye-opener into the real world of Print Journalism.

My Fashion Shop

While at University, I was given the opportunity to write for two student websites: My Fashion Shop and My Student Style - both of which are no longer available due to the Founder going on to create their own social media management site.

As well as launching an online magazine via Issu, the site developed its own contributor format, which students from all over the country could take part in. We would write articles designated to us, based on topics we'd highlighted that were of interest. Mine were student life, fashion, travel, and other thought pieces.

After a few months, I was actually able to gain my own column - a dream of mine still today would be to have a regular column!

Using my Editing and E-Commerce expertise from my daytime job, I became the Travel Editor and the SEO Manager of the site. It was my job to add in the meta descriptions and titles for each article uploaded.

It's a shame the content is no longer available, however, the writing experience was invaluable. Getting a by-line so early on was really helpful and made me feel like a real writer!

Here & Now Magazine

Back when I just started writing, I was lucky enough to have contact with a local advertising magazine, Here & Now.

I wrote several articles about Fashion, some of which can be seen below (scanned in).

NU News 

I joined the University newspaper while studying Journalism in Northampton. I covered several topics during my term, which can be seen below. (Scanned in)

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